New KFS General Secretary

The KFS board has elected Christian Rasmussen as new General Secretary. He will succeed Robert Bladt when he finishes his term this summer.

New KFS General Secretary

Christian Rasmussen accedes this summer as General Secretary.

“I am really looking forward to it. It’s a good mission with good people for a good Lord. It bodes well! I expect to learn a lot, and I hope that I with the help of God and good colleagues can be a good servant to him, them and the mission,” says Christian Rasmussen about the appointment.

Since January 2009 he together with his family has been living in Israel, sent by the Danish Mission to Israel to serve as pastor for Immanuel Church, the international, Lutheran congregation in Tel Aviv-Jaffo.

“I grew up in a home where we prayed for KFS every day. Later I benefited from the large, national KFS fellowship at several conferences when I went to high school. It became an important resource. On a personal level in connection with all the questions we started asking about the faith in Jesus. And for our small KFS fellowship in high school it was a boost and inspiration to continue the work,” says the coming General Secretary about his relationship with KFS.

Christian Rasmussen explains that his hope is that he as General Secretary can point towards Jesus. Jesus has filled his life with purpose and joy. It is Jesus that gives answers to the fundamental questions in his life, and he believes that he shares these questions with most people.

“At risk of giving a ‘Sunday School answer’, I just want to point to Jesus. Who he is and what he has done for us is not just the message we are sent with, it is what we are driven by every day. That Jesus has given himself for us and to us is the only thing that can make us give ourselves to him and for him every day. Among many tasks the primary one must be that as we go with the message of the cross, we never walk away from the cross, but always toward the cross.”

He thinks that KFS with the clear focus on students potentially can play an important role during the few but important years of formation. He continues:

“There will always be a need for good answers. Why is classical, biblical Christianity with Jesus as center and goal relevant to people’s life? Especially students seek answers. And then KFS obviously must be active in the discussion about intellectual and spiritual freedom.”

And to the question about hobbies the theologian answers:

“It must be football … in front of the screen, but preferably on the field.”

Christian Rasmussen is 36 years old and married to Lisbeth. They have four children: Johan, Magnus, Amanda, and Simon.

You have an opportunity to touch base with Christian Rasmussen at Easter Camp in Skanderborg.