KFS groups

KFS in Copenhagen 
StorKFS in Copenhagen is, in short, a Christian congregation for students in Copenhagen and it’s vicinity.

Although most of our members are from Denmark, we do welcome international students as well. Every meeting is translated into English, as well as there is an English-speaking Bibel study group which you can join. Also, for the sake of our international members any information is delivered in English as well as Danish.

See: http://www.kfskbh.dk/eng/

KFS in Aarhus
We invite you to join KFS in Aarhus. We meet every other week to hear a speech based on biblical teaching, to sing, pray and to just hang out with other students. The language spoken at these meetings is Danish but translation is available. 

We also have an English bible study group which meets once a week to read and talk about the Bible. This group also meets for social activities like movies, outings, christmas lunch etc. 

May God bless your stay in Denmark. We are looking forward to meeting you! 

See: aarhus.kfs.dk/english/

KFS in Odense
We welcome you in Odense KFS – a Christian student fellowship, where we meet every week. Often someone is invited to give a speech, and we sing and pray together.  There is usually plenty of time for just hanging out too.

The meetings will be in Danish, but there will be someone to translate into English, if necessary. Once a month we meet in smaller groups to talk about subjects from the Bible. We also offer the opportunity to form an international group, if there is a wish for it.

We look forward to meeting you and to getting to know you.


Secretary for KFS in the southern region
Robert Bladt 
Tlf.: 26 50 09 08 
E-mail: robert(at)kfs.dk