Easter Camp


Easter Camp

Written by Helene Lilleøre

This year,Påskelejr had the privilege to host 10 international guests from Israel, Bulgaria, Armenia and Cambodia. Jezel and Dara share about their experiences from the camp. 

“I’m so looking forward to this Easter Camp. I couldn’t even sleep well last night, honestly. It’s gonna be amazing,” Dara wrote in an email a few days before Påskelejr. 

Påskelejr is now over. Remaining are the countless, heartfelt memories. Among these are memories of the glee experience of Cambodian dance moves one evening in Spökstad. And of the worship session, where it didn’t matter whether the words made sense, because the one who did make sense was God. As well as the unvarnished stories from real life in stressed countries that have been shared and listened to. 

Dara from Cambodia and Jezel from Israel are two of the international guest. They are normal students, who chose to do an abnormal thing. They chose to put their everyday life on hold, in order to fly all the way to Denmark with the single purpose of taking part in the annual Påskelejr.


“If you would ask me if time goes back, will you do it again? Of course I would! This experience was very teachable for me, and it will help me on my FCSI journey. I will bring all those ideas back and pass them by. Because I believe that God didn’t send me to Denmark only for fun, but also to build more and more on the body of Christ. I brought to Israel memories of the Danish land and the great people! I hope one day I will be back, because it would be a blessing for me!”

To live life with Jesus
Dara, Jezel and the other eight international students have been an active part of this year’s Påskelejr. During the camp, there were different opportunities to hear from them and what they have on their hearts. Saturday evening the internationals invited the participants to put on the tropical helmet and get a taste of the cultural diversity. Literally. Besides enjoying beautiful Bulgarian traditional songs and seeing colorful Cambodian traditional clothing, the participators also got a taste of the culture. Israeli halva and an Armenian version of Snickers, called sujuk, were among the treats. 


“Hearing from the good people from the countries represented was a joyful part of the camp.”

Monday afternoon the tune changed as the seminar Christian and Student in the World pulled the participators heads out of the clouds and witnessed about the reality. In an honest and delicate way Jezel, Dara and the other international guest gave a glimpse of their situations as Christians and students. They testified with encouraging stories what God is doing in their lives. Together with portraying the challenges and battles they are fighting against as Christians in their universities. The seminar stands crystal clear as a testimony of the work and presence of Jesus, furthermore as an encouragement to the life lived with Him. 

In line with this, Dara was asked, if he had any comments for the Danish students. 


“Here people are more intellectual than my people, I would say. But they need to act/do more. To step out of the comfort zone and do as Jesus did in the Bible. Pray for the sick. Deliver from the Enemy. Showing kindness and goodness to the people. “Small thing done by love will change the world.” Do not make the gospel of God to be complicated, just simple. And understand how to live with the word of God by acting with love and care for each other. Don’t be offended to tell people the will of God. Follow what the Bible says, not what the world thinks.”

Now I understand what “many leaders” means
One of the most interesting things about visiting other countries is to experience things being done differently. This often leads to a new view or an understanding of why things back home are done the way they are. Jezel experienced this. 


“To see the huge camp and how everything happens on time and organized, taught me a lot also as a leader. Before the camp I thought: wow, we have many leaders on my Kings Kids* team. But now, after the camp, I understand what “many leaders” means. The way they worked with each other and completed each other was great and very teachable.” 

Back to everyday life with God
It is not only a bag full of memories that Jezel and Dara take home with them. New inspiration and love for Jesus stands out for both of them, as they share about what made the biggest impressions on them during the camp. 


“To deeply study the life of Peter and his crazy love for Jesus, gave me more and more passion in every Bible study to be in a deeper relationship with God.”


“Talking to the new people… I don’t even know before, but the conversation went so amazing. I got the chance to pray and give prophetic words to some youths. That is something I need to do more and challenge myself in.”

Now Jezel and Dara are back in their normal settings, where books are waiting to be studied and papers to be written. 

“I enjoyed every moment there,” Jezel wrote in an email a few days after getting back to Israel. 

* Kings Kids is Youth With a Mission’s children’s ministry.