About KFS

Become a part of a Christian student community!

International Student in Denmark – how to engage?

KFS welcomes everybody!

And should the language be a problem, international KFS groups can be found in several larger cities where bible study, discussions, prayer, and praise take place in English.

If you are about to study in a city where there is no international KFS group, please contact the local KFS group.

Most of them will be able to help with translation or even let the group meetings take place in English.

Find your local KFS employee here >>

Or contact us directly and we’ll can hopefully help you.

To Know Jesus
As Christian students, our Christian faith is often challenged, and it can be hard to sustain faith in Jesus Christ throughout the period of study. KFS wants to help Christian students to give full consideration to faith and study while remaining close to God. Therefore, Christian students meet in KFS-groups in a large number of gymnasiums, universities, technical universities etc. in Denmark. In these groups, we study the Bible, pray, sing, and strengthen each other’s faith.

To Make Jesus Known to Our Fellow Students
We want to share our faith in Jesus Christ with our fellow students and be witnesses of Christ in the way we live our lives. When more people stand together, we reach out to more people. KFS wants to support Christian students in living out their faith in their daily lives. Help and inspiration can always be obtained from KFS’ employees working in the part of the country in which one studies – or from the head office. KFS also arranges lectures – and training and evangelism camps – and publishes books in order to challenge and provide help for the Christian life.

KFS is a part of IFES
KFS is a part of the international family of Christian student organizations, IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), which has contact to Christian student movements in 143 countries all over the world. We participate in IFES conferences, arrange evangelism summer teams and have students joining the year teams.

Visit IFES’ homepage www.IFESworld.org